I have an HP OJ with Solution Center (compatible with W10) that has been giving me problems since last November.
In the last installation of W10 a couple of months ago, in addition to all the updates inherent in a reinstall, I finally got the HP to start working.

Doing a full and complete uninstall in order to start a new and completely CLEAN install, I have used several programs to uninstall the software, etc. CCleaner, Iobit, and Revo. When I install the software, it has a couple of programs with the default tick marks that say "already installed." How do I uninstall a program or a feature of a program if it's not listed anywhere? Unbelievably annoying.

CCleaner removed a reg entry that affected Solution Center. I moved into "exceptions," but the damage was already done. I am on my third or fourth reinstallation of the full driver since that error.

A new Event error last night: hpqcxs08 is missing (or cannot be found, whatever). PS - that was before I installed updates, as far as I know. Then again, HP keeps putting stuff on my computer without my knowledge or permission.
For some strange reason, it is in startup services, all by itself, without a description. An explanation: "hpqcxs08.dll is part of hp digital imaging - hp all-in-one series by Hewlett-Packard located in C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqcxs08.dll." Not descriptive enough, but so be it. I set it to automatic.

I just got today's second FATAL error during Install.
CCleaner removed a registry key and I merged the key (and still got errors, I might add) so I shouldn't even be having these problems. However, THIS is what happens when I get new Win updates.

Hm - I just installed a slew last night. (Well, gosh darn.)

Thank you.