Hello all, I'm having an issue with my Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse. Seemingly randomly, the sensitivity of the mouse will drop and won't return to normal unless I replug the mouse or restart the computer.

My Settings:
This is what my mouse properties are in Windows.

This is what the mouse's Performance and DPI settings are like in CUE.

Neither of these appear to change when the DPI drops.

The Issue
I normally use the mouse at 12000 DPI but I estimate it falls to around 4000 when the problem occurs.
One odd behaviour I've noticed is that when the mouse slows down, the DPI for the sniper button is similar to what it was before.
If I place my mouse to the left edge of the screen and the left edge of my mouse pad and move all the way to the right and then hold the sniper button and move left, I find that normally I only make it 25% of the way there. This makes sense since the sniper dpi is one quarter the normal DPI.
When the mouse slows down and I repeat this, I get about 80-90% of the way back when holding the sniper button. I don't have pointer precision (mouse acceleration) on so the speed I move won't affect the results of this test.

My System:
I'm running up to date Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit with the latest version of CUE 1 (don't want to go to 2 yet as I rely heavily on my profiles and it crashed anyway). I have an 97 6700K and Asus Maximus VIII Gene motherboard which I would imagine are the only relevant specs here. I also have a K95 RGB plugged in.

Things I've Tried:

  • Reinstalled CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) 1.16
  • Forced a firmware update on the mouse.
  • Restarts
  • Different profiles in CUE.
  • All the different USB ports.
  • Reinstalling Mouse Drivers from Device manager.
  • Toggling enhanced pointer precision.

The issue still occurs with CUE not running, so I think it's a driver or Windows issue.

This is naturally driving me completely insane so I would really appreciate a solution.
I've also posted to the Corsair forums: Random Slowdown of Mouse - The Corsair User Forums

Thank you!