I am having a weird issue pertaining only to this piece of hardware Intel CT desktop adapter(pci add in NIC card).

I originally discovered this issue after receiving reports that the PC's were either "locking up" or restarting.
checking the dump files I see a message that says the physical adapter was removed. This is obviously not happening. Its seems likely/apparent that an IRQ conflict is causing these lockups but I cannot find a way to provide definitive proof of this.

The only anomaly with this device is that it shows as having multiple IRQ assignments in both msinfo32.exe and through the device manager.

I have access to at least 10 different machines all identical in hardware running windows 7 with these adapters installed. These are Dell XE'2 spec'ed identical with the exception of the PCI NIC cards that were added after deployment. All have various IRQ's assigned to them most have 6-7. Some as many as 21. They are all running the same driver and I have tested both older drivers and current drivers, Each card will install the same seemingly random number of IRQ's as it had before even after multiple uninstall and reinstall.

I also have at least another 10 in my lab with various other brands of PCI add in NICs (broadcom, SIIG etc.) that do not do not have mutliple IRQ.

Searching the net and various other machines I have access to, I cannot find any other machines with devices that list having more than one IRQ assigned to it. This specific device on these machines seem to be an anomally.

Why would this PCI card have multiple IRQ's?
Why the random IRQ conflicts or PC lockups?
How can I test to prove that this is the cause of the failure?

Anyone have any insight or thoughts on this?

I am open to any thoughts as I am currently at a loss as to how I can reproduce the conflict in my lab as its seemingly random and or why this one device would have more then one.

I have already switched the cards to different slots tried older versions of drivers and added other brands of cards into the same machines having this issues and when I place the intel NIC's back in the pc they present with multiple IRQ again. the same number as before. Click image for larger version. 

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