Hi guys,
I have Huawei E220 Mobile Broadband dongle from Maxis Broadband (unlocked), bought it used. It works fine with Windows XP, and with some problems with device manager in Windows 7. Oooookay, now let's see Windows 10:

-When I want to use it, I ALWAYS need to go to the device manager and do "Update driver software"-"USB xHCI Host Complaint controller" and so on. That is not the huge problem for me, but for my father for e.g is very hard step, because he doesnt want to make any settings on my pc, because he doesnt understand them much. I bought this modem, to use it when I want to have internet access, without having Wireless. I also have in plan to sell this thing again, and buy MiFi router.

-Can someone help me and provide me a driver for Windows 10 Professional 64-bit?

On Android (connected via OTG) , this things works very well.

Thanks to all help from everyone.
If you want to provide me a driver, just type in subject Forum Thread-Driver for E220. My email vukradovic@hotmail.rs (just do copy-paste for email).