Soon after the windows 10 anniversary update was available I installed it on a Dell D 630. Right away I had issues with the touchpad. Text would be highlighted that I did not select by merely passing the mouse pointer over it. Pages would change without my commands. So I rolled back to my previous version and all was well.
Then I purchased a used Lenovo T410S that had a fresh install of Windows 10 along with the anniversary update. With this one I did not experience the highlighted text, but pages change without my command or the page will scroll without me telling it to. The touchpoint works fine and I disabled the touchpad. I had tried the latest UltraNav driver for Windows 10 without any success of taking care of the problem.
As I am typing this post I am on Ubuntu running from a usb stick and the touchpad works exactly as it should, no issues at all. Anyone else have this problem?