I'm posting this here because it's hardware related. If not feel free to move it to the proper forum. This a FYI for anyone who may have a bad update to their phone and the Windows Device Recovery will not reboot their phone when downgrading. I was playing around with my Lumia 640XL and decided to try the Insider fast build one more time. After the upgrade I had the same problem that I had when the upgrade first came out. The no keypad so I couldn't enter my pin. I decided OK I'll reset with the Windows Device Recovery Tool. I tried 6 or seven times but when I got to the screen were my phone would say Goodbye it would freeze and Device Recovery Tool would error out. Thinking I killed my phone and would have to take it AT&T to be repaired I decided what the heck and tried one more time and did something your not supposed to do. When I got to the part were the phone said Goodbye I held the power button to restart the phone. The phone rebooted and the downgrade finished without any problems. Right now I'm upgrading back to the latest build available to the Insider Slow Ring. I would only recommend this as a absolute last chance solution and you feel like you have nothing else to lose.