Hello everyone.

I'm running Windows 10 x64. I don't know why this happens, but whenever I try to run a game like Skyrim even in LOW settings, my GPU goes from 37șC - 42șC in idle to 85+șC. This didn't happen before tho, it was this summer it started to shutdown due to high temps. No BSOD, just 41 Kernel Power event.I thought my GPU was broken, so I swapped it (Radeon HD 7770) for a GTX 650 Ti Boost. Only the same exact thing is happening. I've just done a Windows clean installation, but no luck.
So now that I've tried everything that I could, is there someone here who can explain what's going on? Maybe PSU related? Motherboard? CPU Bottleneck?
I'll add some IMGUR with HWMonitor readings. Thank you very much in advance.