Device manager is constently refreshing need help identifing cause

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    Device manager is constently refreshing need help identifing cause

    Firstly I would like to say I fix computers for a living I half know my problem and how to fix it.
    Secondly I know next to nothing about windows 10 what i do know is the simple stuff the os its self has shown me and legacy based exploration(something is here in windows 7 so its got to be around here some where kinda things)
    Third I primarily use Linux for my day to day stuff since windows 8 came out keeping windows only for my gaming rig

    Now all that said the original issue was that my OI devices (keyboard mouse ect) would all freeze at the same time every so often and every so many freezes d3d (a part of direct x) would softly crash claiming "hardware removed"

    8 hours of troubleshooting later i finally figure out that my freezing issue and d3d crash are 1 in the same (some of the device manager refresh sprees were so bad that video card was inaccessible) it took so ling to trouble shoot cause some of the refreshes were approximately 30 minuets apart while others were only 10 or 50

    At this point your likely thinking the same thing I was, somethings disconnecting and reconnecting but what?
    I have made a grand total of 8 full inventory of all the hardware in device manager(I got a fist full of half finished ones as well each refresh meant new list) for as far down the line i can record they are identical for the half done and all 8 of those full ones again identical not even something that's "not there"

    the newest hardware is a "steam controller" at the moment its the only thing untested as there are 2 of them on 2 windows machines the other steam controller is hooked up to a windows 8 laptop that has not yet noticeable exhibited any symptoms and the controllers go back and forth from time to time both exhibit the same symptoms on the windows 10 pc nether show them on the windows 8 machine so if something can put it back in the may be the cause category I want to hear it otherwise not it

    I have also ruled out all usb ports and devices unless there is a "ghost" to said hardware that stays even with it unplugged this was done by unplugging ALL usb devices then starting the computer then threw a remote access i opened things and checked to see if the issue persisted the plan was actually to prove it was a usb device it failed gloriously

    The issue started or became apparent (aka showed its self) only a few days after getting the steam controller

    with the way my gaming rig is set up the constant refresh is well killing it each refresh takes 1 minute to a full 5 minuets dependent on what i am doing heavy gaming moments 5 solid minuets nothing running about a minuet minuet 30 if i manually refresh almost 1 minuet perfect 55sec-1 minuet 5 but more the 59sec 1 minuet 1 sec area the device removed d3d error only happens on the 3min30 to 5 min area average is 2 minuets in game

    What I really wanna know is if there is some sort of log or history to the device manager refreshes failing that is there any other way to identify what piece of hardware is causing it virtual or otherwise

    a full list of hardware is available upon request for the computer in question
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    I use steam but dont use steam controller.Someone has recently posted about the same problem that happens only
    when big picture mode is off.So it could be a steam/Win 10 bug.
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