Windows 10: Build 10122, AMD HD6970 issues with drivers or broken card? :( Solved

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       27 May 2015 #11

    hmmm, is there an .inf file for the monitor? (LG 32" TV)
    Probably not, but if there is, try try clicking and select install.

    The minitoolbox output is missing

    I'm not sure what Speccy means here: Enabled, primary, unsafe

    To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.
    Did you?

    In Dev mgr, try uninstalling any ghost entries (nonpresent devices)

    I'll catch up to your other posts in a minute

    .NET 4.6 is all you need even though some installers complain (AutoCAD won't install - says it needs 4.5).
    You cannot put previous versions of .NET on the machine with Win10 installed.

    dxdiag might give a nugget of information that gets you closer to a resolution, but in the end it might not be worth too much time in a preview release. Do, however, provide MS feedback on the issues encountered on your machine,
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       27 May 2015 #12

    batlhilz said: View Post
    im not running them with side by side, just separately. now im good with these drivers (when on desktop). playing netflix now with some other videos to try see if its on rendering error or directx11 error or something like that.

    any suggestion about .NET framework versions or so? I need to check out the dxdiagnostics too, forgot that side also

    edit - uhm, dxdiagnostics shows "directx12" as a version and anything less than 7xxx series wont support it. now to check how to downgrade that. this actually shares some light in the tunnel, cause now the desktop is stabile with videos up and running and it only crashes when gaming with directx 9.0 or 11.0 in the game settings
    There is a beta driver for AMD ... current beta is 15-4 - I think the WU version is 15-2 or 15-3. Worth a shot?
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  3.    27 May 2015 #13

    yeah im gonna upgrade to 15-4 today, now im just trying to crash this desktop-mode with everything in my power :) WU doesnt show any upgrade options to me even im on 14-12
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  4. Slartybart's Avatar
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       27 May 2015 #14

    WU offers me nothing for AMD - go figure

    BTW I have installed 15-4 with no ill affects. Your machine is different though ... hope it helps.
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  5.    27 May 2015 #15

    ran 3Dmark Vantage through, no problems and no crashes, but might be cause it forces DX10 in use. updating 15-4 now.
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  6.    27 May 2015 #16

    upgraded to 15-4, for some odd reason the computer stopped using USB-devices and i had to re-plug keyboard + mouse in order to continue with the installation. ran 15minutes again diablo3 and i got light-navy-green -screen this time, weird color and not the earlier black screen. same effects however, computer went unresponsible and had to force boot.

    im getting mad at this. this starts to look clearly a directx issue, now i just have to find out how to roll down the dx12 to dx11 or something to test my thoughts.
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  7.    27 May 2015 #17

    If your hardware doesn't support DirectX 12 it will just run at what ever DirectX version it does support. It's backwards compatible as far as I know.
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       27 May 2015 #18

    The old rule of thumb for installing OSes might apply.

    Disconnect everything except the bare bones. Use a wired mouse and KB if you have them and a VGA monitor. No extra cards inside, no USB adapters outside.

    Once you have a base install, start adding things, one at a time.
    Shouldn't be that way, but.... it beats denting the wall with your head. Then you have to fix the wall too.

    Since you had more success with 14-12, I'd go with that driver package. Your call on everything in this post.

    I'm not sure I have anything else, but I'll look in every once in a while.

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  9.    28 May 2015 #19

    actually these problems started back in the 99xx build already and after that, ive unplugged and tested these hardwares as you mentioned. im really out of options (now the rig ran more than 16hours straight forward on desktop mode, no crashes).

    so this has to do something with the gaming-modes lik directx, anti-aliasing or something similar.
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       28 May 2015 #20

    batlhilz said: View Post
    so this has to do something with the gaming-modes like Directx, anti-aliasing or something similar.
    or ..... Win10 125 122 & AMD
    Perhaps the Win10 next drop will clear things up. That might be mid June though.

    edit: corrected version batlhilz is running
    Last edited by Slartybart; 28 May 2015 at 13:14. Reason: corrected version batlhilz is running ;)
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