Hello! A while ago, i had installed win10 on my laptop and was satisfied enough with it. It had some issues with sound latency and touchpad stopped working after about a month without reboot, but in general it worked fine for me. Also touchpad had some cool gestures, such as "continuous dragging" - if i'm dragging a window and my finger get close to the border of touchpad, i could put second finger on touchpad and continue dragging. I was using it quite frequent because it is useful with multiple displays. And it was worked good. Until yesterday.
Windows has decided that it's time for update and in the morning when i turn on my laptop it started updating and after that all began falling apart. I couldn't find this gesture anymore, now when i dragging a window, if second finger touches touchpad, it stop dragging and think i'm trying to scroll, in device manager touchpad displayed as HID mouse, and after 6 hours keyboard stopped work. >.< That's why i "love" microsoft update policy.
I've made a clean install today, tried some touchpad drivers and still missing this gesture. In windows settings all touchpad settings turned on.

Does anyone know how to turn it on?
Thank you and sorry for my bad English.