Windows 10: Can SCART pass thru to component at 1080p - note NOT COMPOSITE Solved

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    Can SCART pass thru to component at 1080p - note NOT COMPOSITE

    Hi there

    question for Video GURUS

    can a SCART system (full) pass 1080p Component to a device which has Component IN facilities (note NOT COMPOSITE).

    I've googled but nobody seems to have any idea on this. - Note --NOT COMPOSITE which is the three wire system - LH,RH,and Video - but the full 5 wire system.

    I'm trying to get full 1080p into a video capture device which has this input. I'm currently using a full HDMI to SCART converter (fully pinned) as the SCART converter strips off the DRM into a DVD video recorder --which works fine but I can only get max resolution of 576p (DVD recording).

    The video capture card handles full 1080p so I can skip the record to DVD --> then transfer to computer with MAKEMKV but if I use HDMI directly I run up against DRM issues. SCART removes those but I'm not sure what max resolution is -- . My SCART device that I'm thinking of gettingt has COMPONENT OUT from HDMI in to SCART out but will it work at 1080p. Analog or digital doesn't matter --I just want the video on the computer at the best resolution.

    (My Video capture device can capture up to UHD 4K so no problems as far as that piece of hardware is concerned).

    For old movies etc 576p isn't too horrible (Old standard DVD system) but I'd like to copy stuff at higher resolution and avoid the whole Copy to DVD recorders' hard disc, then copy to DVD (although that can be performed at high speed so not too long), then use MAKEMKV on computer to create mkv / mp4 file losslessly to keep the video on my computer.

    So (it looks complex but isn't)

    UHD 4K / HD / 1080p source ---> HDMI splitter ---HDMI-->SCART SCART-->COMPONENT (1080p) -->1080p capture device -->computer

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       09 Sep 2016 #2

    576 is about all I would expect with SCART as this is now a obsolescent system, and I do not think that HDMI, even 720i was ever possible for SCART,

    DRM was specifically added to HDMI from the start to stop the rampant semi-commercial and commercial piracy in use at the end of the First Video revolution, so I would expect that with most commercial broadcasts
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    Hi there

    The postman has just delivered me an HDMI--->component thing and the cheap Splitter I had seems to remove the DRM. No need for SCART cables any more.

    The Video capture device if using HDMI directly seems to keep blinking -- 5 secs of video and 5 secs of No signal, but works 100% on Component input from the second HDMI output from the splitter.

    Finally can now record from SKY Q minibox at 1080p !!!.

    Not sure if legal in UK but it works --the CHEAP Chinese HDMI splitters (powered) seem to work (14 EUR or so) -- I've seen expensive ones (55 EUR or so) fail miserably splitting HDMI signals from SKY Q so cheap and nasty seems the answer here.

    I like the SKY Q system but it's much harder to get recording to work to external computer etc than from the old SKY+ system.

    I really want to finally send my old DVD recorder to the tip -- plus gets rid of a whole slew of cables.

    SKY Q minibox--HDMI splitter--->compoment---Capture device component in. Brilliant and working.

    SKY Q minibox -->HDMI splitter-->HDMI-->capture device HDMI in fails with every 5 secs or so - picture OK then no connection etc.

    The SKY Q silver (main) boxes seem more tolerant of these splitters etc --but "She who must be obeyed" absolutely doesn't want any more cables in the main Lounge - so that's why I'm using the minibox.

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       09 Sep 2016 #4

    Have a word with @z3r010, I think he's just completed a full SkyQ system and may have some insights
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       09 Sep 2016 #5

    No, I just got 5 boxes instead of splitting.
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  6.    09 Sep 2016 #6

    z3r010 said: View Post
    No, I just got 5 boxes instead of splitting.
    Do you have to re-boot them in a particular order?
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  7.    09 Sep 2016 #7

    ;805508 said:
    Do you have to re-boot them in a particular order?

    I think the main SKY Q silver box has to boot first as the miniboxes connect with the SKY Q box to get the programs --also there's no internal HDD in the miniboxes so the miniboxes need to access the SKY Q silver box (main box) to get at the HDD.

    The SKY Q miniboxes look a bit like "Thin Clients" which they probably are and nothing is stored on the cloud.

    Once the main sky Q silver box is booted the the mini boxes can be restarted in any order as they share the programs stored on the main SKY Q's silver box.

    Note the actual system uses a 5GHZ "Mesh network" for its own internal working but you need your own broadband (Ethernet / 2.4 GHZ / 5 GHZ) to make the system work --it acts as the "Glue" that binds the private 5 GHZ mesh together -- I think better network gurus than me can explain what a "Mesh" network is though.

    You will see it on your Wireless networks as SKYxxxx.

    If you DO use SKY Q -- it's much better to enable ETHERNET -- forget what the SKY engineers say - they don't usually have a clue.

    On all your boxes enable ETHERNET by going into the hidden Engineers menu -- settings--> press quickly 0, 0, 1 enter and then on advanced settings enable Ethernet. If you don't do this when you try and connect via Ethernet in the connection menu it will fail as Ethernet is disabled by default. Also DO NOT disable the 5GHZ wifi option otherwise youwill hose up totally the internal 5GHZ Mesh network.

    IMO the system is really very good but needs a bit of work to make it totally ready for prime time - as people who don't understand it can screw up the system royally. The engineers also need to understand what they are installing instead of giving people totally useless and incorrect information -- I was told by an installer that the SKY Q system absolutely would NOT WORK on Ethernet connections --total Bovine Scatology of course !! and if you haven't got an Ethernet connection by a SKY Q Minibox - use a WIFI-Ethernet bridge from an old Router --works better than running everything from a wifi card !!!

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    I don't have Sky as I don't live in the UK. I have half a dozen boxes from my telecom provider Orange though and have to turn them on and off.

    @z3r010 was saying that Sky was a PITA as you had to keep unplugging and replugging the boxes (if I remember him right).

    I don't think it is a Sky thing - basically we all just have too many little boxes. Even to watch TV I have the little one to convert fibre into Ethernet, then a router that does the Wi-Fi, then a TV box, then another box for my VOIP phone. Then the TV one with the HDD to record stuff.

    There might be another secret one hidden at the back under a pile of wires - I'm not sure but it would not surprise me as that corner of the room is really hot (and probably using lots of electricity).
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  9.    09 Sep 2016 #9

    Hi there


    Actually using SKY Q means I have LESS cables -- only 1 from Satellite dish instead of 3 ( 3 X SKY HD+ boxes with multi-room).

    1 X Ethernet cable (from ISP cable box to SKY Q main silver box) , 1 X Wifi, and 1 X Ethernet Wifi Bridge to a SKY Q mini box.

    Also only one DVD recorder connection.

    My big worry is that I'm not a permanent UK resident and the SKY Q stuff is technically only "Loaned" to you so you have in theory to return it at the end of the contract.

    BREXIT (not wanting to get political) might mean all sorts of problems down the line --although as an Iceland national we still have EEA relationship with EU so currently I have no probs doing various contract jobs in the UK. At the moment I'm on a nice decent paying gig in LEEDS in W.Yorkshire (paying me in Euros too !!! --around 9% increase compared with GBP since I started contract in July just after the UK EU referendum!!) but what the future holds for us who sometimes work in the UK is still open for discussion apparently.

    I'm back home next week so I'll try this stuff with my VPN to see if it still works in Iceland !!.

    When the system works it's actually very good indeed --pity it seemed to be let out of the door a bit too early ==but there we are

    BTW --apple iPhones -- what do you do with the new one if you are on a plane or want to play music in your car radio via an AUX in socket !!. I believe wifi won't be available on planes and a lot of people like listening to music stored on their phones played on Car Stereo systems via an AUX in from the headphone socket --not sure if apple have got this right this time.

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    jimbo45 said: View Post
    BTW --apple iPhones -- what do you do with the new one if you are on a plane or want to play music in your car
    There used to be this thing called bluetooth (you still get it in cheap rental cars sometimes) where you type in billions of numbers and then you can (not very well) play your music. Or some of it.

    Ask a kid - they can figure it out that sort of thing better than me on the whole.
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