It's kinda strange. Some of my devices (my external HDD and my keyboard) work fine after I completely power down my system and start it up, some don't. My mouse "works" but is screwed "LED doesn't work, touching it causes cursor to fly around with ridiculous speeds". My USB HUB that is built-in my monitor doesn't work at all.

It works when I restart the PC without powering it down (by turning off the PDU). It gets screwed once the MOBO loses power completely. Both the mouse and USB hub in my monitor work perfectly after unplugging and plugging them back in.

Of course I tried the obvious already: moving the devices to another ports, using only some of them and unplugging the rest, updating drivers, disabling selective suspending, disabling the power saving options on USB hub in device manager, playing around with BIOS USB settings. NOTHING works.

Keep in mind that if I unplug the device after win10 starts, and plug it back in, it works perfectly.

It began after I changed my MOBO so I'm sure that MOBO is at fault, but the question is: is it hardware related (and thus I have to live with it, or don't turn down the PDU for the night maybe) or software/driver related and thus fixable.

The devices worked perfectly on previous MOBO so any device malfunction is impossible at this point.