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According to MSI, the I5-4690 is compatible with the motherboard, although you may have to update the BIOS before swapping it in.

I have no personal experience with it, but I believe that upgrading the processor or the hard disks should not affect activation. If by some chance it does, you ought to be able to activate by telephone.
Done both upgrades several times in win 10 and long before that ,no Windows 10 activation issues and the new activation troubleshooter in the AU and these win beta's betas will often get you a few mainboards without a groveling phone call to MS.

Only time I had to use the new activation troubleshooter was moving a prev. used ,reconfigured clean SSD into this PC and installing 14390 in this new dual booting PC in the spec's on it . I just told it what I thought it wanted to hear and it was fine the MS A.I. seems to work OK for all that