Windows 10: Win10 Laptop + 2 Screens Not Working After Recent Updates

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    Windows 10 Build 10122
       21 May 2015 #1

    Win10 Laptop + 2 Screens Not Working After Recent Updates

    My work laptop has been working fine for the last couple months on Win10 Technical Preview using the laptop screen in between a couple monitors for a 3 screen multiple monitor setup, but something broke it in a recent update back on 10074. Basically I can only ever have 2 screens now.
    Here's my setup: MSI G60 laptop nVidia 870M vid card with nVidia driver for Win10 version 352.84 ASUS 24" monitors x2 with Newegg Rosewill MiniDisplay port to HDMI cables
    If I plug in both monitors, I only get display on the 2 monitors, and not the laptop screen. If I unplug the 1st monitor, the laptop screen starts working again. If I unplug the 2nd monitor and plug the 1st back in only the laptop and 1st monitor work.
    1 Monitor plugged in, nVidia control panel:
    1 Monitor plugged in, Windows control panel:
    Both monitors plugged in, nVidia control panel:
    Both monitors plugged in, Windows control panel:
    As you can see in the above screen shot, Detect displays does nothing when both monitors are plugged in and the laptop screen is not displaying anything.
    It stopped working a couple days ago when a couple security updates I let it install finished, and it was before 10122 dropped.
    So far I've tried:
    * Uninstalling those updates
    * Uninstalling and clean installing all the recent nVidia drivers all the way back to 347.25 (including 347.52, 347.88, 350.12, 352.63, and the most recent Win8 352.86)
    * Updated my Intel 4000 drivers to
    * Updated to build 10122 last night hoping it would fix it, but it didn't.
    * Reinstalled nVidia's 352.84 after the update.

    I used to be able to get the Intel HD Graphics control center to open, but it's not working now, not sure if that's a clue.
    Up until now Win10 has been a lot more stable on this particular laptop than Win7 was a few months ago (frequent BSODs).
    Anything else I can try?
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    Windows 10 Build 10122
       27 May 2015 #2

    Just registered here to say that I have the same exact problem. My machine is a Samsung Series 9, I normally have 2 external monitors connected (1 via HDMI, 1 by VGA) and I can only get one of the external monitors to work at a time.

    I can get my Intel HD Graphics control center to open but it is no use, more than 1 external monitor at a time will not detect.
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    Usually, there is a function key you have to press to switch between different modes. FN+Something and it switches from laptop-only, to External-only, to External+Laptop. Have you Tried toggling this switch?
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    Windows 10 Build 10122
       27 May 2015 #4

    I'm able to get one screen at a time working this way but not both simultaneously. This just started happening after my update to 10122, I can't recall what build I was on before.
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    Windows 10 Build 10122
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       27 May 2015 #5

    This was a deal breaker for me, and as much as I've liked Win10's different desktop backgrounds on all 3 of my screens, I gave up and just went back to Win7. After losing the 3rd screen and with all my windows resetting every time I locked the machine for more than 2 minutes, (sleeping the machine instead of locking it was my workaround) it's just not worth the hassle until it's stable.
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    Is your setup using two different video cards? For example, and internal Intel chipset for the laptop display and NVidia for the external? If so, there seems to be a known issue with using multiple video cards together. It may be that both drivers have to support DirectX12 or a specific version of the WDM model for this to work seamlessly, and you just have to wait for both drivers to be in sync.

    In fact, the Intel drivers you mention are not windows 10 drivers, they're Windows 8.1 drivers, and only support DX 11.2.
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    Windows 10 Build 10122
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       27 May 2015 #7

    That's a possibility, there is definitely an Intel graphics onboard and the nVidia that has the miniDisplayPort x2 and x1 HDMI out, and I'm pretty sure the onboard governs the laptop screen.

    I think the kicker is that it works fine with onboard + 1 vid card out, or no onboard + 2 vid card out but not all 3, onboard + 2 vid card out.
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