Suddenly, out of the blue, no audio is coming out of my speakers. When i go to my Playback Devices and 'Test' the speakers, I can hear the Test signals fine. However, no other audio is coming out of my speakers from websites, movies, Itunes, etc.

I am using an external audio interface (Akai MPC Renaissance) and my speakers are plugged into the back of that. I can hear a very light hum coming from the speakers so I know they're not shot. All my audio drivers are up to date, the software that I run the audio interface from is up to date, none of the audio levels are muted or at zero volume, and everything looks normal on the physical interface itself. I also went to Device Manager and checked if there were any errors under the sound category, but all the speaker icons are grey color. Besides the MPC Ren driver, I also have ASIO4ALL and Realtek installed on my PC as well. Maybe that could have something to do with it? I am lost here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.