I have a Logitech Mx 518 mouse and it was working fine since this morning when it become unresponsive. I restarted window and was not able to click on my image (password) then I removed the mouse and plugged in another mouse which I use in my laptop and I was able to login and use this new mouse.

Now the issue is when I use my Mx 518 on my other system the mouse works well and without any issue.

Now when I plugged in my Mx 518 then again same thing happen I was unable to click but what I found is I can easily click on any desktop icons , double click and can open my folder/files.

It only does not work in windows login/start menu and sometimes in internet browsers.

I have tried to reinstall drivers and nothing worked.

Another case I see, when I have my other mouse plugged in and everything works fine and then I plug in Mx518 both mouse become bad and I cannot use the start menu etc. And then If I remove the Mx518 the other mouse does not work until I restart my PC.

So something is with this desktop and the mouse.

When I see this? When I was playing the game and I hit Alt + Tab 2-3 times and I found later my mouse is not working.

How can I fix this?