Windows 10 v1607: Logitech TRB-22 Wireless Trackman Problems...

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  1.    07 Sep 2016 #31

    As far as I know, the green PS2 converter only works on devices designed to support it. It won't universally work on any USB mouse. I still have my old wired version of the M570, the adapter works on it. I've used it via PS2 in the past. I'd be very surprised if a wireless dongle will work via PS2 with that adapter. Especially if its a power hungry device.
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  2.    07 Sep 2016 #32

    Remember we talked about the "PUCK" it's not a wireless dongle :) and it works ..... all my MMouse and the Trackman trackballs came with one from Logitech .... , don't know if a generic would work though.... I use PS2 only for it's ability to wake my computers really, as the USB always seems to Sleep and not work least in the past.

    Not sure if the Marble Mouse still come with one or not or deemed USB only now ? My original MM is PS2 only actually, I upgraded to the TrackMan (RB22) from that one.

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  3.    08 Sep 2016 #33

    Just going by past experience, and giving a heads up in case it doesn't work. Plus some newer PC's don't even have PS2 ports. The unifying receivers, look like wired USB keyboards and mice to the PC. They emulate a basic USB keyboard/mouse. Bonus is they work in the BIOS, no drivers are needed for the basic functionality. Not all wireless keyboards work that way though.
    I've had plenty of MICE that would not work with the green adapter so YMMV. Usually, if there wasn't an adapter in the box it shipped in, it wouldn't work with one. Can't hurt to try it, just don't spend to much time messing with it if it doesn't work right away.
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  4.    08 Sep 2016 #34

    All True and good advice .... I am just sharing my own experience too off course .... weird in this case none of the old tricks have worked.

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  5.    12 Sep 2016 #35

    Really can't stand using the regular, wired mouse, and since my trackman is inoperable due to the inability to get the setpoint software to show the mouse tab, I finally broke down and got an M570.

    Interestingly, I was able to download setpoint 6.67 from the logitech M570 setpoint software site, and it had the mouse tab. So, I've been using the M570. Have some getting used to, though. I don't think that the thumb is as naively functional as the forefinger, thus the thumb will need a bit of training to control the cursor as well as I was with the TRB-22. Also, I'm finding that the M570 ball rolls more smoothly than did the 22's, which adds to the need for more training.

    Although I have successfully (got the mouse tab) got setpoint 6.67 on board, I have not yet tried to use it to configure the 22. Just fearful of screwing things up. However, do you guys recommend that I give it a try. And if I do, is there anything that I should do to insure success? Like maybe disengage the unifying dongle? I've actually tried the 22 (leaving the M dongle in) and hooking the puck , but the 22 didnt respond at all (yeah, I did the puck set and the 22 reset.)

    BTW, any idea why I was able to download a complete setpoint???
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  6.    12 Sep 2016 #36

    Why wouldn't you be able to download the full setpoint? I downloaded SetPoint6.67.83_64 no problem. I believe it defaults to the web installer by default but I just changed it to the full 64 bit version manually. It's an option for the M570 anyway. There may be some Logitech products where the only option is the web installer?
    Switching from finger to thumb may take some getting used to. Old habits etc. The M570 has 3 little Teflon balls the large ball rolls on. I have no idea what your other trackball uses. They will eventualy get dirt around them and the ball will get jerky. I just use a pencil (eraser end) to push the ball out from underneath to clean the gunk out.
    The unifying dongle is easy enough to remove and won't mess anything up if you boot up without it plugged in. I do it all the time on my laptop. It won't fit into my carry bag with the dongle plugged in, tight fit etc. I've plugged it in after boot up and my trackball works just fine. It works with or without setpoint, you just can't reassign the buttons etc. Of get the battery state.
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  7.    12 Sep 2016 #37

    Reading through this thread you will see that I have tried numerous times to dl setpoint and each time there was no mouse tab, which has been my major problem and the reason for finally getting M570. Setpoint 6.67.83 may have dl'd completely, but on opening, there is no mouse tab. Also, I need the M570 dongle because I need to customize the mouse. Unfortunately, and unexplainably, Logitech in its utter stupidity, discontinued the 22 and gave us the M570...which can't be customized as well (fewer functions available) and the thumb inherently doesn't control things as well as the forefinger.

    EDIT: Couldn't wait and as the setpoint that is functioning with my new M570 is 6.67.83, I disconnected the dongle and connected the puck, did the resetting, but nothing worked. now back tot he M570.
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  8.    12 Sep 2016 #38

    Alpha is correct the download defaults to the Web Installer , I always switch it to Full 64 bit version , as I always keep a Copy of each version , due to the Mouse Tab Issue with the RB22. Perhaps your Virus or Malware Software was doing something to the Web Installer Version?

    Setpoint has not been updated in a year now , but Options has gone from 3.20 to 6.20 since Feb. when I got a MX2 for Bluetooth on my Surface 3 , so Setpoint maybe on it's way Out ? as I saw Rumours that Setpoint and Options were being Combined.

    My RB22 and Marble Mouse live happily together on the same system , well systems actually, each one has the Wired Marble Mouse on USB and I swap the RB22 back and forth , either on USB or PS2 via a USB to PS2 converter. And I can program both via the Drop Down list at the Top , the down arrow appears next to the Mouse Name when both are hooked up , so you can switch between Mice.

    The RB22 can't use the Unify Software / Dongle so I don't think that part should interfere with each other. It does take some playing with the Connect/reconnect buttons on both the Mouse and Puck at times to get it seen .

    If the Software is now installed properly , it may just be that the RB22 isn't seen, as it's Images have not been installed , you will find some Logitech Image Installer files in the Zipfile, I posted earlier in the Thread. ( the Missing images are another long time Logitech issue , since XP anyway)

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  9.    12 Sep 2016 #39

    Tell you what, Kbird, I think I'm about through with the 22 and will stick with the 570. But, then again, knowing me, I'll probably try from time to time to see if I can get the 22 to work again... Thanks loads for all your help...Have a good day
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  10.    12 Sep 2016 #40

    No problem , enjoy the 570 :)

    ............ you'll be back :) , I leave it in the corner for a few weeks too sometimes when it won't "cooperate for whatever reason now" .

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