I want to preface by saying this is now the second time (and second account - will get to that later) that this has happened.

This morning, I go to wake up my computer from sleep (Windows 10, now with Anniversary update) and it seemingly crashes and restarts. When I go sign back in, the mouse works fine. Once loaded up the mouse can move around, but when I click on anything, no clicks register. The Mouse is a Logitech G502 Spectrum attached to the USB pass-through of a Corsair Strafe. I go attach it to another USB port (on the front of my PC tower) and once again the mouse moves, but I still cannot click anything. Long story short, I go to remove mouse drivers and restart. Same thing - i can use and click mouse on log in screen but not logged in. Oh, I also tried another mouse with same results (another Logitech)

I did the same thing I did last time - I created several other user accounts and logged into my emergency one. The mouse clicks are now registered albeit without all my stuff in the right places. I want to be able to access this account again only being able to click my mouse on stuff. My accounts don't have a Microsoft email attached to them, they are local accounts - personal preference.

This happened once before (but before the Anniversary Update). This account that doesn't work on is a replacement account for the now deleted main account I had that had the same problem. I am now typing this on a 3rd account with mouse control and dread having to re-download stuff and doing all the customization things again.

Any way to save my Windows account where mouse can't click anything?

Do I just start all over and reinstall Windows? I feel this may happen again eventually to any account I have.