I flashed my MSI mobo and I need someone to tell me I did not mess up  

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    I flashed my MSI mobo and I need someone to tell me I did not mess up

    Alright so I have a MSI x99 SLI Plus motherboard. I needed to flash it in an attempt to solve a hardware related issue. I haven't flashed a bios in 12 years so I did do my research and I'm pretty sure I downloaded the correct file from MSI. I hope (Support For X99S SLI PLUS | MSI USA | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design). I put the newest stuff on the USB, went into bios, flashed it using M-Flash and everything was successful.

    Since my PC is actually booting I guess we got that going for me.

    The problem is that the start up screen of my bios, when I turn on my pc, used to be very different, very ugly, and clearly stated the name of my motherboard.

    Now, the startup screen is completely different and mentions a MSI Pro Series. While in the BIOS, it does recognize my Mobo as being a MSi x99 SLI Plus. The first boot to Windows was a disaster (mouse and keyboard had power but didn't work), but on the next boot everything was fine.

    Did I somehow manage to mess this one up, should I flash to something else, if so then to what? I thought m-flash was supposed to make backups of your bios but it seems it didn't. That's something I should have considered more carefully.

    Here's a photo of my new bios:

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    Thank you for either helping to fix my problem or soothe my worries.
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    Normally it is advised after a BIOS flashing to set the default values, save and exit with F10 and then make the settings again in the BIOS

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    Thank you, I didn't change any settings in the bios ever, but I will do so immediatly anyway
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    Thank you for your reply, I have done so just now. Do you think everything is fine despite the obscure boot screen?
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    Windows 10 Home, Version 1607 (Build 10.0.14393)

    I haven't seen on the picture the boot screen, I saw only the BIOS picture, looks like a Visual BIOS which is getting more common now for UEFI Bios.
    The mainboard itself is fine, important is now, how is Windows working now?
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    everything seems to be working fine, windows is booting, all hardware seems to be working, I didn't make a boot screen pic but I can do this.

    My logs seems okay, I have the same errors I had before the flash, the one I was trying to fix seems to be gone (yay), but yesterday right after the flash it did flood my logbook with Warning 225:

    The application \Device\HarddiskVolume4\Windows\explorer.exe (all warnings give a different process, dllhost, svchost, spoolsv... pretty much every service) with process id 2300 (process ID varies per warning) stopped the removal or ejection for the device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2F03&SUBSYS_00008086&REV_02\3&11583659&0&09.

    These warnings have not occurred since that, and my first boot after the bios flash was, as a said, a complete disaster, where nothing was working. Right after these warnings the log reads that the system was shut down incorrectly (that was me pressing RESET PLEASE JESUS), and no new warnings or errors since.
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    Do you by chance have Acronis True Image or Daemon Tools installed or anything similar? Scuttlebutt here and elsewhere indicate that sometimes certain backup/restore programs, certain ISO creating/reading programs, install virtual disk ability DLLs and other drivers that communicate with Windows and hardware. Others here may know how to diagnose for that, and suggest solutions for that situation -- if such drivers apply to you.
    Don't misunderstand -- both Acronis and Daemon work very very well! They are good stuff! Sometimes, one has to "re-educate" that stuff when changes are made in Windows and/or in hardware.
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    I don't have any software like daemon tools or anything that creates virtual drives or disks on my pc.

    I said in my previous reply that everything is working fine, unfortunately it is not. I do not know if it is related but twice in a row now my screen went black - clearly graphic issue because sound was still working (I was still talking on skype). This happened while playing Overwatch. I had no issues before this playing other games, so I don't know if it's Overwatch related. The error is related to nvlddmkm.sys, which is an nvidia thing.

    WHen I first rebooted the pc after this everything worked fine. After the second crash however, and the subsequent reboot, my nvidia driver was not starting at all. This is also reflected in the windows logs, where it says that the driver nvlddmkm stopped working in one (error 4101), and in another that the driver did not get started and windows is now using its default crappy driver (4115). I could not manually start the Nvidia thing that always runs in the background either.

    Earlier today while working in Photoshop, I got a Windows error claiming I'm out of memory. Logs are telling me it's referring to a problem with the virtual memory (error 2004). I have never in my entire life gotten this error before. I do not know if this is in any way related. I was not out of memory when I checked the ctrl-alt-del screen, but then TBH I'm not 100% on what virtual memory is supposed to be.

    I started uninstalling everything Nvidia in Ccleaner and was forced to reboot, and suddenly the driver worked again. I did a clean install of the drivers anyway though.

    Is this related to my bios? I have had a lot of issues with this gpu in the past and this is also one of the reasons I flashed my bios hoping to get rid of some log errors and the gpu issues I was having. This, however, is a completely new error and development.
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    as an update, the clean reinstall of the drivers did not resolve the problem.
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    The device that you list (post #6) is an Intel device.

    I don't know. Update the chipset, Intel management engine, and RST drivers?

    A clean install of Windows 10 may be the surest way to fix the problem, but it could be a major headache, depending on how complex (lots of programs, etc.) your installation is.
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