Problem with D: drive after win 10 1607

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    Problem with D: drive after win 10 1607

    After windows updated to the v1607 build 14393.51, everything seemed fine. I had EaseUS todo backup free version 9.2 on my d: drive. Along with many of my programs i.e. FSX 10, Trainz, Silent Hunter IV... I went to do a file backup, (I had done a system backup with no problem). I was doing only the d: drive, but about 80% done it crashed, so I decided to try later. Then I went to load a game that was on d: and it said it wasn't there. I opened windows explorer and clicked on d: and it showed the drive was empty. I rebooted and looked again and the drive didn't even show up. I restarted and went into the bios and that HD didn't show up either. It was gone. I opened the case and moved the sata cable to another sata port. Then started windows again, and d: was back with all the files. I did try to backup again and it did the same thing. I move the sata back to the port it had been on, and it was all working. So I've uninstalled the EaseUP backup tool from my d:. So far everything is working. I did a bios update to my gigabyte motherboard and ran a scan on d:. It was fine. Never had a problem like this before. Only after this last update did anything like this happen, especially even causing the MB to not show the drive. Nothing happened to my c: or e: drives. On the d: and when I tried backing up. Any Ideas what could have caused this?
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    Are you aware of this issue?
    Windows 10 Anniversary Update Might Hide Partitions After Install - Windows 10 Forums

    I wonder if you are having the same problem?
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    There a lot o people around with problems accessing Drives.
    Almost 1 year ago , see here Secondary Drives is locked, assessed denied. Unable to get permission. - Windows 10 Forums, there are reports of such problems with Win 7.

    I have a very, very bad feeling about that "Security" based on locking Files, Folders, Drives that seems at a point System can not handle it correctly. I hope MS has a solution for this issues, I am afraid there is a risk of losing Data from one second to the other.
    Seems that the solution for now, is not to try to Repair/Recover Data; a workaround is to connect Drive to other PC and see it you gain access to it and Backup all Data then.
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    Wow i am Glad i am not the only one, i have backed up all my movies to my 3 TB HD i just finished watching Gladiator and shut down Kodi went to the bathroom when i came back, my Movies Drive was gone, explorer and computer management showed Zip i did notice since the Anniversary update the drive was getting slow, and it only 3-4 months old but did not think much about it.
    Now i read on the Web that thousands or more have problems with partition or HD missing, after the Anniversary update, well it fixed most of my problems but i REALLY do not like the new one, i rebooted at Drive was back ran a scan disk, all okay exept it takes a long time hmm not a happy camper, because Moving 3 TB DVD and Blu rays backups takes a long time, and now its worse because the drive is so slow.
    Any thoughts are my Movies safe or should i start moving them?
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    Seems that MS is recommending people with issues to go back to previous Build.
    If you think there is something not "normal" with your Drives, then you should consider that option.
    I also was having some not "normal" behavior of my external HDD and after a while there was appearing that "RAW" situation.
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    Well I ended going back to 1511 from 1607 and now my d: drive is fine. It's crazy that it also had made my motherboard bios not see the drive and I had to unplug then plug in again to see it. And my e: drive was not affected. Hopefully they get this problem fixed. I was about to order a new drive, maybe 2TB or 3TB. Dang! I missed my opportunity.
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    Installed lat night, no problems to report , there is no problem at present.
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    It was about a week or so till the problem started. I didn't know if it was the HD or the motherboard or what. Hope they fix.
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    Now that it's Oct. is there away to reinstall the anniversary windows 10? I still keep getting updates, but not the anniversary update. Do I have to download it of will it update again like it did the last time when I had to revert back to 1511 ver.
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    Hi, you can manually download the upgrade (see Tutorial section, search for iso 'til you find it, or use the MS media creation tool.

    It seems MS does not typically update the iso to include the latest cumulative updates - maybe given all the bad press, they've changed their stance.. but then, the idea is that in applying 1607 you choose to receive the latest update.

    That's a big one - several 100Mb.
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