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I read some of your previous posts and you said you had an ASRock board. which kind? use Speccy to gather details about your board. I may also need the hardware ID number of the Realtek audio device on that board.
as I said before, the behavior started with version as those ICESound files were included in that version and later (an oversight by Realtek to install the ICESound files in HDXRT4.INF for many IDs - they could have created a separate section in the INF just to install the ICESound files only on ASUS laptops with specific HWIDs but did not)

and it seems Microsoft has recently de-listed the 140.9Mb 8509 download but the actual cab file download is still available (only the 7.6Mb & 76.6Mb downloads for 8509 are shown in MUC but not the 140Mb version - what is MS doing?)
The updates search function seems to be a little quirky I have noticed other drivers are the same way. For instance 8475 sometimes shows 4 downloads of the hda version and sometimes just 2.