Windows 10: Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version

  1.    09 Oct 2017 #1241 is working well for me on Windows 10 LTSB 2016. I usually run optical out to my receiver so did not hear any 'enhanced' bass with that. So I tested on my headphones (Superlux HD668B) and the drivers sound spot on to me. I use my own audio so I know how it was recorded and what I am supposed to be hearing. It's my own song (hard rock, no vocals) recorded at 24 bit/48.0 kHz.

    I like this one for testing audio because it has a lot going on in it, from marching footstep sounds, riot and sirens moving left/right, very low pitch keyboard droning (Love me some Gary Numan) to voice and gunfire samples from the Ferguson, MO. thing a few years ago. Guitars with very present bass guitar, keyboards, etc. During the lead solo, there is just a touch of clipping (whoops!) but that is another good test *cough* 'feature'. If you don't hear it and cringe, "Yo hardware, is wrong!"

    You folks are welcome to it if you like. It's a 5 min, 64 MB 24/48 Flac file. If this one sounds correct to me on the same equipment it was recorded on, I call the drivers good'nuff.
    Molotov Missouri.flac
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  2.    10 Oct 2017 #1242

    Bah, there's an edit timeout here I take it, or I'd have added this to the last post, anyway...

    I got curious and went back several versions to to see if driver change "creep" has tainted my view. It has! 8228 gives a fair bit more defined, less muddled sound in my opinion. At least when using analog output to my headphones. I can hear the low, droning keyboards much more clearly and the cymbals are popping out better for me. "Craaaassshhhh, PSSsst, clang, clang, clang, ting!"

    I don't know how to describe it, but it's like the sound field is more 3d for me. I can almost visualize the sirens being far away, behind the music instead of just there. For me, bass guitar has always been the hardest thing to separate from the rest, and that is easier too. I can pick out and isolate any instrument and keep it in focus. I found that much more difficult on the newer driver.

    I'm keeping
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       10 Oct 2017 #1243

    Мy board not supported officialed XI-FI-but i change file inf and wor5ks fine on Creators fall ufpdate fail
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       10 Oct 2017 #1244

    ffa1978, Creative Xi-Fi uses Realtek? I thought they would have used their own processor like Emu which they bought many years ago.
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  5.    10 Oct 2017 #1245

    Creative use their own technology.
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  6.    10 Oct 2017 #1246

    Hi everyone, have been searching through this thread but didn't find my problem. I use DTS connect with optical out. But with the drivers from MUC I don't get the option to select 5.1 Dolby Digital anymore. I also have this problem using the Realtek R2.82 driver. But with Realtek v. 2.81 the option to select DTS 5.1 Optical out is available again, so for me that currently is the latest version I can use. Anyone who can explain what to do to get the Dolby 5.1 DTS available with the latest drivers from MUC? Or is this option simply not supported anymore and do I thus need to stay with v. 2.81 from Realtek?

    Many thanks for your kind reply!
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  7.    10 Oct 2017 #1247

    OtKr said: View Post
    ...option to select 5.1 Dolby Digital anymore.
    I am assuming you are using a Realtek ALC889A or similar that has/had Dolby Digital Live (real time 5.1 encoding) support? I had that codec in my last board and was able to set it to do DDL encoding/output. I don't know now because that main board is now in my Linux machine, but I have read that they simply stopped including it in the drivers, so you may want to just use older ones if you can. I think I was on Windows 7 and R271 (whatever version that was) at the time.

    Now I have an inferior ALC892 that I do not believe ever supported DDL (but apparently can still be modded to work?).

    Here's some modded drivers to fix it? I have never tried these idea how they work. I would just use the older driver if they still work though.
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  8.    11 Oct 2017 #1248

    The bass is reduced in 8264.
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       11 Oct 2017 #1249

    I just spotted version on the MUC.

    However it's a bit strange as it's listed as 64-bit only but looks too small at 65.7 MB in size.
    @Brink not worth putting on the first page at the moment. I'll check it out later today.

    Microsoft Update Catalog
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  10.    11 Oct 2017 #1250

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