I have a computer lab at the school I work at. This summer I bought several Broadcom BCM@0702 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapters and a AIS01F Bluetooth receiver for the speakers. I plugged them in to the USB 3 ports at the back of the computers and updated the drivers once they installed. I was able to connect to the speakers in the lab fine and it sounds great, but there are several different computers used by teachers and I would like to be able to have any teacher be able to play audio from their computer without running several cables.

I understand that only one computer can be connected at a time, but clicking the disconnect button in the Connect menu in notifications pane will disconnect, then automatically reconnect as soon as it can which is pretty pointless. I am able to disable the Bluetooth device, but I do not want to walk the teachers through how to enable and disable Bluetooth every time someone else needs to use the speakers as that would be worse than unplugging and plugging them in. I wrote a script to disable Bluetooth when the user locks or logs off of their computer, which seems to be working, but I don't want to make that a requirement to disconnect.

Simple version:
How can I keep devices from automatically reconnecting as soon as I disconnect without disabling Bluetooth or removing the device so it would have to be re-paired again?

I am having a lot of trouble finding the answer anywhere so I appreciate any input. Thanks!