I couldn't boot into windows and received the message 'boot manager is corrupted'

Created a bootable windows 10 thumbdrive and booted from it, clicked on repair and it just stayed at the loading screen. Happened similarly if i tried to install windows 10. I confirmed it can work when booting from it on a laptop.

Next i tried to boot from a windows 7 dvd and on clicking install, screen also stayed at setting up windows.

Unplugging the ssd where windows 10 was installed then allows me to get into setup.

This means i cant repair windows 10 or install any windows onto the ssd. Any ideas how to fix the boot manager of the ssd if i cant access it via bootable windows repair?

If i need to install windows onto my hard disk with data, will the data on it remain or be wiped off? It has 200gb free out of 1TB.