How to merge two partitions into one?

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    windows 10

    How to merge two partitions into one?

    I have recently upgraded to the Windows 10 anniversary version. I would like to extend my C: drive by merging the F: drive into it.

    Attached is the photo of my hard drive.

    How do I go about merging F: drive into c: drive? I would like to use Windows 10 disk management utility to do that possible?

    Any help is very much appreciated...

    Thank you.


    How to merge two partitions into one?-diskmgt1.jpg
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    fonzie said:
    I would like to use Windows 10 disk management utility to do that possible?

    With Disk Management you can only merge a partition with empty space immediately next to it on the right. You could easily merge D and F for example.

    So what you need to do is delete F, shuffle D to the RHS and then you can use disk management to extend C. You can only do that sort of thing with external utilities like MiniTool Partition Free

    The easiest (and fastest way) however would be to backup D to an external drive. Do you have one?

    If you do then afterwards you can delete D and F partitions, extend C using disk management as much as you want (25GB?), format D again and restore back from your backup.
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    Windows 11 Pro

    MiniTool Partition Wizard has a function for extending a partition. You select the partition that you want to extend (add to) then it asks you where you want the space to come from. I am not sure if that allows you to use all the space from the partition (deleting it) from where you want the space to come from.

    Alternately, you can do it in manual steps. Delete the F: partition. Move the D: drive partition all the way to the end (you can also resize it in the process too, if you want. Then resize the C: drive partition to add the space to it. Again that has to be done with a program like MiniTool Partition Wizard. Built-in Windows disk management just doesn't have the functions you need.
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    NavyLCDR said:
    Built-in Windows disk management just doesn't have the functions you need.
    That is what I said. Are you suggesting a different approach?
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    Windows 11 Pro

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    It also appears to be a logical drive. If you only want 4 partitions you might move your data then delete it as suggested so you can extend the C: partition.

    Do you know what the 25 GB partition is for?
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    I just want two partitions - C and D drives- plus the system reserved files...

    The unallocated space - which I have formatted into F drive, I believed was my Lenovo's system reserved partition. I deleted it when I do a clean install..

    To lxO7...I'm trying to grasp your explanations.....

    Deleting D and F drives will get the whole drive as C? Then I'm lost from there....forgive me..

    How do I get D drive?

    Perhaps I might extend D drive to include F drive and leave C drive as it is...make sense?

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    You could delete D and F and create a new partition in that space.

    There are several ways to go, just remember you need unallocated space immediately behind the partition you want to expand.
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    Linux Mint 20.1 Win10Prox64

    You have 76GB free in C drive.
    1. Open F and C drives in file explorer and copy/move everything from F to C.
    2. Open disk management, right click on F drive->Delete Volume.
    3. Download: MiniTool Partition Wizard. Install then run
    4. Right click on D drive->Set partition as Primary
    5. Right click on D again->Move/Resize. A window popups, click and hold then drag to the end, click OK
    6. Right click On C->Move/Resize, move Mouse cursor at the end until you see 2 vertical lines, drag to the end to extend C. Click OK
    7. Click "Apply" on the top left to commit the change.
    8. Once done, your C drive should have the additional space from F, D drive would be Primary instead of Logical.
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    Dear topgundcp,

    Thank you for your help.....I managed to make the changes to my hard disk this stage.....!

    Here is the change...

    How to merge two partitions into one?-diskmgt2.jpg

    One very happy puppy...thank you again topgundcp made my day!

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