This is a driver problem. I always had this problem with Xbox One Wired Controller.
The driver installed when I plug the controller, doesn't work. The controller appears with the "danger" icon in device manager and the white led on it doesn't turn on. I had to manually install an old driver version to make it works.
Now, I hoped with new Windows update, things would change, but nothing. Now it says driver version "10.0.14393.0", but still doesn't work and I have to install old drivers.
Anyway, installing old drivers make the controller works in all games and apps, EXCEPT Windows Store games and apps. It doesn't detect it. With games on Steam, Origin, works great. This is odd. Microsoft controller that works in every program except Microsoft programs...

I also tried to re-install Windows 10 from scratch, but nothing.
Xbox 360 controller, works fine with Windows Store apps and games.