Hi, so here's an odd problem: I have five computers all running Windows 10 that I log into regularly I have the admin login. This morning I noticed that for one of the computers after having been logged in for a few minutes the keyboard stopped working, but the mouse still ok. Throughout the day the same thing happened for all five computers, none of their keyboards are working when logged in as administrator. However if logged in as another user keyboard works fine ?? Another odd thing, when I keep the key pressed down on the keyboard that does not work it will make tick sound in the speakers and display the letter pressed but only after having pressed it enough to normally have caused the character to be typed repeatedly.
Also might be important to notice that all this happened on the same day as my computers told me that windows 10 was ready to have its anniversary upgrade. I now have anniversary upgrades, but no keyboards working. Any suggestions to what is causing this and how it can be fixed would be greatly appreciated.