So I received a broken laptop from a relative who no longer needed it, the hard drive still worked so I thought I'd put it in my desktop. Using the power of SATA hot swap, I tested the drive in place of my DVD drive. The drive did indeed work, ad I reformatted it, assuming that the recovery partition wouldn't do anything (past me = dumb). I bought the necessary parts to properly install the drive in my PC, and did so successfully. I booted my PC and got a BSOD for HP recovery. I thought, "what the ****, this shouldn't be possible." I tried many, many, many different solutions, but kept getting the BSOD. The only option turned out to be resetting the PC (like an idiot, didn't make a recovery disc). The PC is still resetting (27%), so I can only hope that the power of hot swap will let me reformat the recovery partition. But also due to the fact of no warranty on the laptop the drive came from, I cannot contact HP about this stupid problem. So, I would like to complain about HP recovery partitions infecting a completely different hard drive and preventing a computer from booting off that drive.

If HP people read this, please notify your recovery people about recovery partitions jumping hard drives and BSOD booting.