A bit of pretext to explain the events that led up to the current problem:
A friend of mine asked me to look at his PC(Win10), which had a BSOD problem. After a short conversation and some checking around I figured out the problem. He had tried to install Avast antivirus and failed(avast got stuck in some kind of half installed state - some of the services where started on start-up) . I'm guessing that the already installed Kaspersky antivirus, had something to do with the Avast installation failing. To fix it, I went to safe mode, killed the avast processes and uninstalled it. That took care of the BSOD.

A few days later my friend called saying that his PC can't connect to the internet. After some standard troubleshooting nothing helped so I went over and it turns out that the network adapter and sound card had driver issues. Well no problem got the drivers from the manufacturers sites and everything worked. Also to note that I checked and the webcam was working at this point.

After about 2 weeks he calls again and says that the webcam is not working. So I connected with teamviewer and checked, turns out the webcam has driver issues. The problem is that the manufacturer does not provide any drivers I could use. Another thing to note is that the microphone on the webcam is working.

The used webcam is: DEFENDER C-090 Black
I have already confirmed that:
  • the webcam is ok - connected it to another PC works perfectly;
  • it's not a general Win10 issue - connected it to another Win10 PC found the drivers and works ok(no driver issue);
  • connected another webcam to the PC - same issue, can't find drivers;
  • there are no viruses(according to Kaspersky) and no maleware(according to MWB)

Does anyone have any suggestions, where the problem could be? I don't really want to do a Win10 reset if I can avoid it.
Thank you for any help you can provide.