I bought recently Huawei E220 Mobile Broadband modem for 2G net. I dont need anything faster. I dont need 4G because the village where I planned to use it doesnt support 4G, so it is pointless to buy modem with that feature.

I installed it's program, but program sometimes recgonizes it, sometimes don't. Device manager recgonizes it as CD-ROM, not Data Interface. "Set up a new connection" wizard recgonizes it as modem. When I tried to use it last night, it recgonized it at tenth time I tried to connect it. I tried also uninstalling USB port drivers in Device Manager, that didn't help. I can't even add it in device manager as Data Interface.

Also, I need to control my money on my number, so how to set that up? I use Telenor Montengero network. I asks this because it can't send SMS messages and I dont have subscribtion to my SIM card, it's only prepaid.

Can someone give me solutions to theese problems?
Thanks for assistance, contact at vukradovic@hotmail.rs