Hi all,

I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite Click 10 tablet which runs Windows 10 home. I am looking to purchase a fine point stylus with USB charging capability (similar to this one Amazon.com: Stylus Pen, BoxWave® [AccuPoint Active Stylus] Electronic Stylus with Ultra Fine Tip for Smartphones and Tablets - Jet Black: Electronics).

I don't need pressure sensitivity, it is for making very simple diagrams and highlighting text in some applications. It is an item I envisage using maybe once or twice a week. I don't want one that has a plastic disk on the end.

I noticed quite a few have a battery that only last 12 hours so looking for something which is rechargeable.

My budget is "as little as possible" but could realistically extend to the ~US$50 mark.

Does anyone have experience with a stylus that they can recommend?

Any thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.