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Hello folks, I thought that I would revive this thread in case what I have found today will be of some help to others. It follows on from what Kbird said at #9 above.

For the past couple of days I encountered the 'wake pc with mouse' problem again and, I noticed that I had left a couple of USB leads plugged in, they are used for FitBits and phone charging. Even though only the leads were plugged in, i.e. with no device on the other end, the 'wake-up' problem persisted. Just now I found that by removing these leads, the problem disappeared. I tried the 'wake-up' procedure numerous times and it is all working perfectly.
The answer then seems to be 'Don't leave unused USB leads plugged in'.

Thanks Bluenose interesting followup , is either cable "more than" just a cable ? like a dock for the Fitbit etc? it maybe that it needs better Drivers if so ....

on a side note : this computer was just updated to 1703 this week and I find the best way now to find the Reliability Monitor now is to type

perfmon /rel
into the Run box after right clicking the start icon.


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