After lots of hiding behind bombastic sales-blurbs, Brother admits that my trusted 9-year old printer won't be able to scan over the network into Windows 10 (they only support USB connection for W10).

But one of the computers in my home knows better. It happily scans from my networked Brother printer-scanner, over WiFi. This computer started life as Windows 7, and I upgraded it to Windows 10 in December 2015. By now I got two other machines running Windows 10, and they can't scan. Actually, the scanner is recognised in both PaperPort 9 and the Windows Scan program. But they are unable to receive any data from the scanner.

Is there any way to somehow clone the scanner-related files from the computer which works to the one(s) which doesn't work ? One of the targets is a new creation, freshly upgraded from 7 to 10 on an otherwise empty disk. So, it's a low-risk exercise, there is nothing to lose if I stuff up the destination. But I'm hanging on to the "source" which works.