I apologize in advance for wall of text !! Trying to supply as much information as I can.

I have a Windows 10 HP that's around 2 years old. The computer is in good shape physically but has not had antivirus for a while. Recently while on the internet I've gotten notices that a drive has failed (or module) and after some lag the web page returns to normal and says drive has recovered. . Also while playing overwatch(a safe and to what I know 99.9% sure should be virus free game from blizzard) I've gotten a blue screen recently with a loud screech and it's said Windows ran into problems collecting information. Shortly after a 0 to 100% and collecting the info the computer reloaded and returned to normal (and playable again). With that being said I just started AVG antivirus and followed some of the recommendations and they all worked well(could notice improvements immediately). The last recommendation was to scan and check drives. The process required to the restart computer and once it did it prompt a black screen with the HP logo and "scanning and repairing drive (C:) with a %. It has now been stuck on 11% complete for 2-3 hours and I'm preparing for the worst from what I've read. I need to do everything possible to keep the information/pictures/etc on the computer. I have called avg support and they seemed unsure of what to do so I wanted another opinion. And now wondering what's best move from here ?? Unfortunately don't know any specs of the computer. Forcing a power shut down from what I've read could lose information ?

I appreciate and thanks any help in advance!!. Will be checking for responses often !!