Hi guys, I have the following sound problem on my newly installed Windows 10. When I don't use audio on my PC, meaning not watching any videos or listening to music, let's say, reading an article - it seems that my sound card goes to sleep after a few minutes.

Then, I try to play a song in WMP for example - the first 2 seconds or so I don't hear anything, then the sound card "wakes up" or something and the audio is back with no interruptions or anything like that. I mean there is no problem with the sound itself. So, if I'm not at my computer, I don't hear any shorts sounds at all. I mean system sounds or new incoming mail sounds etc. Because by the time sound card is "awake", the sound has already ended.

I went through all possible settings in Windows, power saving modes, reinstalled drivers for my motherboard... I mean everything I could think of. Nothing helps. Does someone have a solution for this? Thank you in advance.

The sound card is built-in, on Gigabyte B85M motherboard.