Surround sound does not work proper after upgrade to windows 10.

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    Surround sound does not work proper after upgrade to windows 10.

    After upgrading to windows 10 from windows 7, surround sound does not work properly. Whether using analog or digital.

    First of all, 5.1 now has side speakers available instead of rear speakers. I had to actually unplug from rear channel and plug into side channel to get surround speakers working. But it still does not sound right, it does not sound as it should. Not like it did in win 7 I don't think this is proper format and mapping. Using the same exact drivers in win 7, I get rear speaker option (not side channels) and it sounds proper.

    Furthermore, When watching videos in vlc, wmp, or browsers. THX Trustudio surround settings have no affect on sound. And Neither do any of the realtek control panel enhancements. Only time realtek enchancements have an affect is when playing mp3 file formats in wmp in stereo mode.

    Updating to the latest realtek driver does not fix this issue. I believe this is a Microsoft windows 10 issue. One of the things MS has always had over linux is better sound and surround sound controls. This is a huge step backwards and a disappointing experience.

    Also I notice now under codec it says alc3220 instead of alc887 like on win 7. So I think it is not recognizing the correct hardware?



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    There is a notice on the Dell site that this has not been tested (or supported) for Win 10.
    This is the notice:
    Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade

    Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.
    Thus the problem is not Windows 10, but your PC.
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    Hmm, I'd imagine most products are not tested with windows 10. The whole not needing to upgrade your hardware to to be compatible with windows 10 was a lie I guess. I should of known better. In reality, its the same as going from xp to win 7 , requiring much newer hardware? Microsoft is deceiving for leading people to believe otherwise. From my googling, It seems that most people upgrading to windows 10 from 7 have surround sound issues. And there has been no fix for a year. MS acknowledges the issue, but it seems they are putting the burden more on realtek. That is a shame. I wonder if the real reasons are that MS is in cahoots with the MIAA and they feel surround sound should only work for retail dvd's or something lmao... But they are cutting their nose to spite their face because this also affects games, most streams, and videos people download. Most people don't even have dvd drives anymore...

    Win 10 also runs about 5 degrees hotter then windows 7, even after disabling many things win 10 still seems to use more power. Even though nothing unusual is shown in the task manager as if it is a hidden process. And I mysteriously have no go back to windows 7 button after only 3 days of using win 10. I never used this clean up tool since I don't even know what it is and I have not deleted any files. I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore at this point given the reputation windows 10 has garnered. And their almost criminal actions over the past year to try and force people to upgrade. Way worse then windows 8 ever was. The upgrade also corrupted my whole debian root partition to create this RECOVERY partition. that it is telling me doesn't exist!! I don't think microsoft is going to compete well in the mobile market, this is the worst release in windows history and might be the beginning of their end. NO way am I going to be coerced into upgrading my hardware for win 10.

    Now I have to try and find a win 7 iso, I should of known better. The whole point of me upgrading was to continue playing windows only games and steaming video with good surround after 2019. But ironically both of those things have a poorer experience on windows 10 compared to win 7 on my hardware. Even though I was lead to believe it woudln't be a problem from Microsoft, and I could easily revert back if I chose. Shame on MS. Mac and Linux are going to grow now. Windows 10 has a well deserved reputation of being only created to spy on peoples data, a social info gathering os offering no true improvements in security, sound, or video, for desktop users over windows 7. In fact its a downgrade.

    I paid for windows xp retail off the shelf, and bought windows 7 oem machine. But there is no way I can ever support anything associated with Microsoft again for the rest of my life. Custom built machines with linux will be the way of the future for me now.
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    oh and you will get a kick out of this. The actual original dell audio drivers, downloaded from dell, work properly. They have correct channel mapping, correct detected codec, and realtek enhancements work properly for all programs.

    But the issue with them is, they are now too old for the THX TruStudio program I use downloaded straight from creative. (which improves sound quality and gives more surround control) Since I am unable to download it anymore from dell(they only allowed 3 downloads), except from a 3rd party link straight to creative provided by Dell community which is a newer version... so it actually has nothing to do with dell and has to do with realtek, or imo and more importantly. Microsoft.
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    fireberd, you are not going to believe this!!! I decided to install the original dell audio drivers again. figuring if I have to give up THX Trustudio then maybe i can live without it as long as the 5.1 actually works properly.

    Well I decided to install the original dell drivers. Simply by uninstalling from device manager. Not by uninstall realtek from programs menu. Then rebooted and installed the dell drivers. I also didn't uninstall thx trustudio.

    And now, THX trustudio surround controls work!!!! I am at a loss for words. Originally, even on win 7 i had the problem of installing the original dell audio drivers. and then install thx from creative, to find that thx would say no supported audio device installed. I would have to always update the realtek drivers to get the thx from the community link from creative to work. Same happened to me when trying on windows 10. But for some reason, now it is working!!!

    Thank you Lord.
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    Great. I didn't look into the issue deeply, just saw the notice on the Dell site.
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    fireberd said: View Post
    Great. I didn't look into the issue deeply, just saw the notice on the Dell site.
    I have a new issue now. the low sound bug that so many users are plagued with. But an easy fix for that was for me to toggle the 24 bit sound quality. no problems now. for days I been struggling with my sound issues. You getting me to look back at the dell site motivated me to try their drivers again.Thank you.
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    Its cause i had it on stereo. It seems the low sound bug only affects surround sound but not stereo. thats fine. I can deal with low sound bug since my speakers can go very loud. at least the surround sound is mapped and surround controls work properly.
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