I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I thought with all the smart folks on this forum I might get some ideas. I have an odd issue. My laptop will not complete initial boot, but only when the laptop is warm, as in restarting, or after a shutdown/reboot. If I let the system cool off for say 15 minutes, then it restarts fine. When powered on it begins detecting devices - keyboard lights up, usb device lights up (if connected), fans briefly spin, etc. But then it hangs, BEFORE the Lenovo splash screen, the power light is on and the HD light is blinking - say 3 times per second.

At first I thought it must be heat related - given all the Lenovo Y50-70 issues I've read about. I checked my temps again, which have never been an issue. In fact I've always been impressed at how cool my temps are. My CPU temp rarely hits 60, motherboard usually 1 or 2 more than that, my GPU is rarely much over 50, and the SSD is always ok. I did take the back off, cleaned the fan and vents and re-seated memory. Still no joy.

Then I thought it might be the SSD not wanting to startup when it was warm. The HD light is the thing blinking afterall. So I cloned the SSD to another new SSD, installed it and tested. Same issue - won't restart after shutdown, unless I let it sit for 15 minutes or so. I did have one recent crash, possibly related to an SSD error, but replacing the SSD has not changed the behavior.

This just started a few weeks ago. I have been just going into sleep mode and avoiding shutdown unless I have to, or when done for the night.

I'm afraid there is some component on the motherboard going bad, and it will get worse. Maybe a bad heat sensor that thinks the system is hot? Maybe something involved in detecting all the devices and when it gets to detecting the HD (or SSD), something hangs?

This happens also when I press the Novo button, so I can't even get into BIOS. Well, after it cools off then Novo will bring up the boot menu and then I can get into BIOS.

I have never seen a system do exactly this in all my years of repairing PCs. Any ideas?