6/27/2016 had to change drivers for my GS v 1.1 as it would not connect.
Windows could list and show router signals but would not connect.
Did not find a WMP54GS in the search
Restored PC then picked the driver below.

Went to device manager and updated the driver (over the driver windows picked)
For the model WMP54GS V1.1 (pci card) windows 10 (64bit) Broadcom 4318EKFBG chip used driver: Broadcom (microsoft) date 3/14/2012

Aafter selecting Show non compatible drivers found ...
displays just "802.11g Network adapter"
My linksys model GS was made 08/2007. Connecting to this page with the WMP54GS V1.1 good luck all!

Just wanted to share the fix!