I've just got a new Samsung Laptop, and it has a precision touchpad (from Synaptics) in it. I'm trying to find a way to disable the "Precision" bit of it, so I can use synaptics own drivers, which have more options (specifically, the palm control on it is awful, and the cursor jumps all over the screen when typing, and selects different input areas, etc. and I want to enable one finger scrolling, which isn't possible with Windows/precision). However, I'm really struggling to do this. I've downloaded the drivers from Synaptics site, but when I disable the device, install this driver (by manually selecting it using have disk), and restart, the touchpad doesn't work at all. If I install the driver by running setup, it appears to install fine, but makes no difference. If I let Windows choose the driver, it reverts back to the precision settings that I don't want!

Been searching all day trying to find something, but no joy - any suggestions?