Windows 10: Drivers for disk drives Solved

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    Drivers for disk drives

    My PC disk drives are currently using the drivers that came with Win10. I'm trying to find better drivers if they exist. I'm experiencing some minor performance problems.

    I have a Samsung 840 Pro and a Western Digital WD1002faex-00z3a0.

    I can find no drivers for the Samsung - just the Samsung Driver Installer, and the doc for the Installer says it support on the 950.

    I can find some Win8 drivers for the WD drive on brand-x driver sites, but no Win10 drivers and nothing from WD itself. On one site I saw the comment that WD Win10 drivers are available only by using the WD Driver Installer.

    I would like to get drivers from the device manufacturers rather than copies with unknown pedigrees, but I really don't like the idea of installing vendor bloatware in order to get the drivers. Should I just live with the drivers that came with Win10?

    I wouldn't be going down this path if it weren't for an odd performance problem - slow reading of a bunch of files by one program. This problem did not exist until I did a clean install of Win10. I seem to have traded a problem with stability for a problem with performance. (On another PC the clean install fixed the disk performance problem, but that was with different disk drives.)
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    I'm not sure your going to find any. My Samsung SSD 850 EVO is using the MS driver 10.0.10586.0 dated 6/21/2006. In fact all my internal drives(3) are using the same driver.
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    Drivers for disk drives are generally already built into Windows and cant be updated. However, you can update your chipser drivers, which may include driver optimizations, like for example the Intel AHCI driver.
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    Yes , try updating the Storage Controller Drivers not the Disk Drives ones which I think will always be the M$ ones....
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    The only thing I see under Storage controllers is "Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller" which (surprise, surprise) has driver version 10.0.10586.0 and has no newer driver. However, I had forgotten to update the chipset drivers after the clean install. I've now installed the package of drivers ASUS recommends for my motherboard. I don't see that it made much difference, but I'll watch it for a couple days.
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    Sorry I am using Raid on both my systems , if you are using IDE not AHCI or Raid for the Drives ( in the bios) I think the Controller is Under Standard IDE Devices or something like that . Usually these day AHCI is best if not using Raid and you usually have the choice of Intel or the M$ driver for that.

    I usually use whatever is recommended on Fernanado's WinRaid website for my Intel Chipset but they aren't for IDE only AHCI or RAID.

    I am using Fernando's modded driver for Raid or AHCI here :!wIEFlZoQ!ZQ0YYaCPO...4QKaxvQmRrilb0

    see this post from earlier today:

    ICH10R support? cannot install any driver other than generic
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    Reread you 1st post ....Western Digital does not make Drivers for standard IDE or SATA hard drives , those are handled by M$ or the Chipset Maker , intel in your case if your Sys Specs are upto date. Their External Drives Do need drivers depending on the Drive as they are usually USB 2 or 3 or perhaps Esata based connections.

    The Samsung 950 SSD is a .M2 drive so needs special drivers but the 840 is a standard sata SSD so is usually using the AHCI Driver , do not switch the bios to AHCI from IDE if that is how you installed it without further research as you will likely not be able to boot with a stop error 07 and need a reinstall while in AHCI mode. ( your other computer may have AHCI enabled in the bios already)

    if you need to switch , this might work if that's the case but a reinstall maybe better :
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    My BIOS has AHCI enabled. I see that ASUS recommends installation of an IRST driver, but I'm almost certain I did not have it installed prior to my reinstall of Windows. I have an Acronis back of my system prior to reinstall. I can browse/explore the contents of my drives in that backup. Is there some way I can tell which drivers I had prior to reinstall? Those drivers must be somewhere in the disk image, but I have no idea where Windows puts them. If I had the same drivers prior to reinstall and after reinstall, I shouldn't be looking at the drivers for an explanation of my (admittedly pretty minor) performance problem.
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    IRST Package will install the Raid Software too which you don't need but you can install just the AHCI Driver from post no#6 above if you are on AHCI , it is supposedly the fastest of Intel's "Classical Drivers" anything from Ver. 12 on comes slightly differently in what is known as RSTe versions , you can move higher to them but it is not recommended to try to go bacl from an RSTe Driver to an iRST one as it causes Boot issues for many.

    see this other thread too about Intel Drivers :

    ICH10R support? cannot install any driver other than generic
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    I get an error when trying to use the 1st link in post #6:
    An error occurred while loading MEGA.
    Exception: :
    Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    In any case, I'm a bit leery of using modded drivers, even if I understand the trivial nature of the modification.
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