I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 'home' (64bit) on my machine.

1. Since this update, my PCI USB card no longer works.
In the Device Manager, I see "via rev 5 or later usb" with a yellow triangle and exclamation mark. When I try to update the driver I am told its is the latest.

How do I solve this - anyone else experienced similar and know where I can get the latest driver?
(I have tried the obvious things like uninstalling the hardware, unplugging the PC for 1 minute but nothing helps)

2. How do I manually override the Windows driver - for example, Windows seems to have issues with the USB speakers on the generic driver. When I try to update to a later Realtek driver, I point to this and get a message saying my driver is the latest.
I want the manufacture specific driver for some things and this may also help with my issue above if its caused by a redundant driver.