Decided to post here rather than BOSD forum, because I am not sure what is causing this. Current build 10049, when I copy a file from my W7 machine via usb3.0 onto my new PNY USB3.0 64GB flash drive and then plug it into the W10 computer via usb 3.0 , W10 will recognize the drive, show the contents etc, but once I attempt to copy/paste to say my desktop, I get the spinning blue circle and BSOD. W10 puts up a screen that says they are copying the crash and forwarding it to MS? I can use the Flash drive and copy it back to W7 without issue. I have tried different files etc, same problem. Now if I use a usb2.0 flash drive and repeat the process from W7 to W10 it completes as expected. I have 2 ea of the PNY 3.0 Flash drives, both behave the same. So I don't know if this is a W10 problem or a crazy compatibility problem between them both. I have tried several times using different usb ports on both computers, same result. Any Idea's appreciated.