Audio issues Can windows 10 Handle it. My son wishes to become an overnight start on youtube by uploading videos of him playing on his electronic drums. The plan is to feed the backing track which is currently being played by Microsoft groove as audio out into the drum module from the only jack output the computer has. He then bangs his drums. The audio out for both the backing track and the drums comes out of his head set. I was going to T this off back into the computer and feed this back into the computers only jack (currently used for Audio out) Configure the Jack to be a head set which should be more than capable of duplex audio, and then use the intergrated web cam to film it. But no matter how I configure it nothing works. Please note I am also using 4 pole 3.5mm Jacks so no excuse there. The only audio that its being picked up is that of the integrated mic on the PC. How can I set the PCs Video to take its audio from the “headset” I can’t find the settings for the camera. I’ve had windows 10 for a while now and we have still not bonded Everything is hardwork! Any advice would be greatly received :)