For quite awhile, I've been encountering a mouse pointer problem on my PC (Windows 10), and its driving me nuts because it never happened while I was on Windows 7.

The cursor occassionally or randomly stops moving when I move the mouse consistently.


In the demonstration, I moved my mouse consistently towards right, but cursor stops moving at few instances while my mouse is still moving. To put this into what it feels like, it feels like something is pulling or stopping the cursor randomly, if cursor is stuck, it won't move if I move the mouse less than 2mm in all directions but it will move if I move the mouse greater than 2mm in all directions. Sometimes it happens more often and sometimes it happens less.

My mouse is Logitech G502, I believe my mouse has no problem because I tried it with my laptop (Same OS and Mouse driver) and it worked perfectly fine.

My mouse driver don't need update. (HID-compliant mouse, 10.0.10586.0)
My GPU driver don't need update. (NVIDIA,
I don't have Logitech Gaming Software installed.
I tried different USB ports (2.0 or 3.0) and it makes no difference.
The problem still happens in safe mode.
Reinstalling Windows shall be my last resort.

Any suggestions?