After upgrading my Vista/Win7 dual boot system to Vista/Win10 I have been experiencing issues with my KeySonic ACK-540RF wireless keyboard failing to load on “most” occasions also when the dual boot menu loads it usually appears as text on the screen occasionally the dual boot menu appears using the Win10 GUI when this does happen the Keysonic loads fine and I am able to select which OS to use.
A wired keyboard works fine all the time so does a WIRELESS handheld micro keyboard ! which ever boot menu appears, from another post it sounded like the win 10 fast start-up option not initialising the Keysonic driver for some reason so unchecked this but there was no noticeable effect .
If I can solve the issue with the win 10 GUI boot menu not appearing most of the time this will solve the issue with the Keysonic keyboard not loading – but not sure why the Wireless micro keyboard loads !!?? any help appreciated