Windows 10: PC Dead (maybe)

  1.    27 Apr 2016 #1

    PC Dead (maybe)

    OK over the last 2 months my pc has just shut down for no reason and the only way to get it to turn back on is to pull the plug from the wall and wait a few seconds. It has done this about 3 times.

    Last night playing ARK my game froze and the only way to get back to the desktop was a a hard reset. (hold the power button till the system shut down).

    Turned the pc back on gpu fans and case fans all spinning but just get a black screen.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

    Also noticed the system even tho it won't display anything is not booting to windows at the lights on my keyboard/mouse will not come on and the disk activity light stays a solid red as tho there is no disk activity. If i hit the reset button on the case the disk activity light turns a light blue and just stays blue.

    Do you think it could be the motherboard or harddrive?

    I have 3 harddrives 2 ssd and 1 sshd (1 ssd for the op system 1 ssd for video and the sshd with my steam games on)

    Thanks for any help or info you can give.
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  2.    27 Apr 2016 #2

    Hi there

    Check for CPU overheating -- that's sometimes a cause of PC's just quitting stone dead. AMD's seem to suffer this fault more than most when running heavily loaded (at least In my experience -- I avoid AMD like the plague these days even if INTEL is a little more expensive.

    Check also Fans are working and board is adequately cooled. Check also things like HDD's are properly connected --SATA cables can sometimes become loose / broken.

    There's some decent FREE software for monitoring CPU temp and other data -- just run that in background taking a log say every 15 mins and keep an eye on it.

    Here's one which works reliably.

    Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget

    Finally if it still won't boot -- disconnect as many things as you can from the machine - even the GPU if the computer has a built in video -- disconnect ALL the HDD's, / SSD's etc AND THE MEMORY and see if you get any BIOS messages on Boot. - You should get the BIOS POST messages even with 0K installed in the system.

    HINT here -- take a picture - or several pictures with phone camera - when unplugging stuff or re-setting switches -- or at the very least WRITE down on paper. It's surprisingly easy to make mistakes when re-assembling !! -- I know --been there --done it !!!!

    Then in this order replace 1) Mermory, 2, ONE HDD at a time, 3 finally the GPU -- boot after all of these options. That will easily show if you have a defective component -- a bad HDD for example could cause a boot failure.

    (If you don't have a built in Video on the Mobo then leave the GPU in for the tests of course - but if there is a built in one remember to set the switch to enable it - either via jump leads or switches on the mobo.

    If you see any messages at POST (BIOS boot) then the MOBO is OK and it's just components that need testing. Also ensure the PSU is not overloaded when running your games --people often add powerful GPU's, and extra HDD's which drive the PSU to near maximum.

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