I've got a problem with this and it's driving me nuts. Literally.

At the moment i've got a new Soundblaster Z, and a Rode Podcaster (USB) microphone. I do DJ'ing through winamp, SAM and the like - but as it stands I cannot play music and speak at the same time live.

I know this is an input problem, but I don't know how to solve it! I had a similar issue on an old laptop I had with an external USB X-fi, but this one doesn't want to know at all. I think i've tried everything.

In "Recording" in the Sound options i've got:
- Rode Podcaster (Microphone) (default communication device)
- Microphone (Soundblaster Z)
- Digital In
- What you hear (default device).

Normally What you hear is what it should be, as everything will play through it. But now it doesn't. They will both play independent of one another when either the Mic, or What you Hear is selected as default, but not as one.

There is a cable connected between the microphone (headphone socket) and the Mic/Line in socket on the Soundblaster Z, as well as being plugged into the USB.

Can anyone offer any suggestions to get them working together again?