@ HikerGuy: I lost track of this topic for awhile until I checked my Gmail and noticed multiple responses in this thread. I still think you should use the method I outlined instead of taking the easy way out. It can't hurt, you'll learn something, and you have multiple backups anyway, so nothing is lost. I can go into more detail if you wish.

I'm sure the methods these other guys are talking about will work, but I've never used them. I'm a very technical person and tend to use tools that most people wouldn't mess with. I loath the point and click approach, letting some software do the work for me without giving me a precise explanation of exactly what is happening, where, and why. The only way to truly know how PCs really work is to get down and dirty do the hard work. It gives you a better understanding of how to fix issues when they occur. I understand if you just want to get it over with as painlessly as possible.

When I say it worked most of the time, well, all PCs are different, and what works here may or may not work there. I have no formal education in computer science, etc, I'm just a self-taught hobbyist that does what I do for fun and entertainment, a learning experience, as well as necessity/wants. I'm 32 now and have been working with computers since I was 6 years old.