Hi there.

I can't find any way of disabling specific updates (that trick of bringing back Windows update to the control panel doesn't work any more).

So the HD VIA audio driver got re-installed. To remove again simply as before right mouse click against the driver (via control panel -- system --device manager) and choose roll back driver.

Working again (as before).

I can tell when the wrong driver in my case has been updated - the default sound device switches to HEADPHONES. Simply changing that back to Speakers / HDMI or whatever won't fix it.

Rolling back the driver fixes it again.

Symptoms I had -- windows sounds OK but no application (VLC, Winamp, You tube, media player etc) would play sounds.

Using ASUS Mobo with built in audio (VIA) and video (ATI based - has RGB and HDMI video outputs). The HD VIA audio is BROKEN for some mobos - the Ms default one seems to work.