Disable Warnings from unsupported chipset Solved

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    Disable Warnings from unsupported chipset

    I would like to be able to turn off the warnings issued by the Intel Dynamic Thermal Framework device on a Toshiba Radius P55 Laptop. I have made repeated tests and there is no issue with heat levels or fan speed. This is a widely reported problem with this model laptop. It was originally a Windows 8 system but the Windows 8 drivers will not install on Win10.
    Toshiba apparently dropped all support for it as soon as the warranty ran out. Other than the nagging messages and the occasional times that it pops up while typing, the system works fine. Is there a way to disable a specific error from being reported by Windows?
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    Are there any 8.1 drivers? If Toshiba came out with the same only for 8.1 which was a year later the 8.1 64bit drivers at least shouldn't have much of any problems running on the 64bit 10. One outside source driversfree dot org lists 64bit 8.1 drivers for the Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W-B5220 model if the model number matches up correctly.

    Another driverscape site shows 10 drivers available. Toshiba Satellite P55-A Drivers Download

    Generally you have to distinuish between exact model and entire model series since each brand will have a list of models starting off with the same number for a series. Toshiba's own support pages are showing 10 drivers in both 32/64 flavors for the Satellite P55W-B5224 Support

    Look and find the exact model number on the label attached to the unit or in the manuals that came with it to match it up. I think you will find there are 10 drivers available.
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    Thanks for all that info. I am going to mark this as solved because it finally isn't causing problems at least.
    I am usually afraid to try the free driver sites because they end up not so "free". Glad to have a few that come recommended. For what it is worth, that specific thermal framework driver was apparently only used on a few models and there never was and probably never will be a fully compliant Windows 10 driver for it.

    And as it turned out, there really was an 'overheat' problem it was just hard to catch as it was a "flash-heat' load that kicked in when the chip activated the Intel Turbo Boost which instantly shut down the system so fast that it the extra heat only existed for a split second inside the CPU.
    It dissipated before it even reached the heatsink so nothing ever felt hot. The reason for it appears to be the fan being in a "near to failure" state. 90% of the time it runs. but occasionally it failed to restart at times the Turbo Boost kicked in causing an instant shut down. I carefully cleaned the fan spindle and replaced the dried and cracked thermal paste on the CPU. If that can hold it until a new fan arrives... the effect was immediate as I was then able to do a full clean load of Windows10 with no failures which had been impossible before.
    That single driver for the thermal framework apparently does eventually load from Microsoft as there have been other complaints on the manufactures sites about it.
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    I run a large copper colored aluminum sink here on the older model AMD quad core where I never have to worry about the cpu fan failing and popping the cpu! The temps have actually remained consistent now for over 5yrs. on the original application of thermal paste while now that will likely need to be redone again since the system is up 24/7!

    As for any 3rd party or strange "unknowns" as far as driver sites I tend to avoid those entirely not knowing what else they will likely to put in along with anything you download or you have to buy something first and have always gone to the manufacturer's support site directly with a few exceptions for otherwise what is referred to as "Trusted sites" which do tend to be few. Softpedia a regular shareware/freeware site also saw service packs for Windows linked off the site there. Other places will try and stuff something like a Yahoo toolbar on you!
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    Thanks for the idea. With the current "super thin" designs the fans they are using dont move enough air to count and on this one, when the lid is open it completely blocks exhaust air from the colloring fan whatever little it can push. The relacement fans for most of the similar toshibas are $14 and they are everywhere. for theP55WB5220/5224... try $50 IF you buy direct from CHINA, $99 will get you a new one in the states.

    $29 is "Used but in excellent shape" (hmm) on EBAY. There is No Way to force one from another model to fit and i am actually looking at this gadget with a rubber gasket that sticks to the back and sucks air out through the heatsink for $19.95. Probably the best performer of the lot. Still, with this one, cant even do that. Like i said, i would have to cut a notch in the lid because as it opens it folds back directly over the exhaust ports.
    MAYBE a better idea now that I am thinking about it would be to get a fan that ran in reverse and blew out the intake on the bottom then use large runbber feet to keep the chassis lifted up about an inch :)
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    Want to hear a good one?! Acer is now going to be introducing a new liquid cooled hybrid Surface style tablet! Just saw the report on doing away with fans in those and how to deal with the lack of air space to start with in a confined space any portable is plagued with! The C/Net report for the upcoming touchscreen device can be looked over at Acer Switch Alpha 12 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET

    That will be coming within the next two weeks or so in May for the European market and later in June for the US and Canada likely at the same time about. The pricing looks about the same as any other recently new tablet including Surface.
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    The day i put water in my laptop will be the day they start running on seawater!
    And that MAY not be so far off!!

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    Well the liquid cooling isn't exactly water there but a chemical mix without any high toxidity level. You still wouldn't want to ingest any of that however! As for salt water powered I had one mechanical engineer who lives out ih the Australian outback tell me they could actually work on seeing auto powered by sea water as well as the toy robot you found at Amazon.

    It's a highly viable alternative source of energy yet to be fully tapped! But eventually we will all be needing to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels which is already taking a toll! Getting 300+ horsepower motors to run on sea water would be something to see still! Just imagine a very quiet 18 wheeler passing you by running on that! :)
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    yeah but from what i read it would need to be towing two trailers. One full of charcoal and the other full of saltwater. Maybe get enough power to pull the two trailers:). Only good for things where power needed is stationary and low amperage. Still, Hmm. Cottage by the sea sounds more affordable already.
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    You wouldn't expect any actual high yield but steady, reliable, and inexhaustable source! No shortage of sea water especially when 21 square miles of ice at the artic broke off and fell into the ocean a few years back!
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